Cllr Christian Holliday

Guildford Borough Councillor for Burpham

Christian has lived in Guildford for over 6 years. He wants to play a more active role in the life Guildford and help preserve Burpham’s character. Christian works locally as a planning consultant and takes a keen interest in developments and planning matters that could impact upon Guildford and Burpham.

He believes Guildford is a great town but is at risk of losing its identity through the wrong kind of development in the wrong places. This is particularly true of Burpham, which, recently avoided having a major urban extension imposed on it via the South East Plan.

Christian believes local people must have a stronger say in how their communities evolve, such as how the Green Man site is developed, and believes it is important that Burpham is represented by someone qualified to deal with such issues.

Christian was elected in May 2011.

72 Belmont Avenue, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 9UF

Tel: 07879 423 739


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