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GCA NEWS - June 2020

GCA NEWS - Easter 2020

GCA NEWS - Spring 2020

GCA NEWS - Autumn 2019

GCA NEWS - Summer 2019


May 2019 local elections


Guildford Times - All Guildford wards

Burpham - Cllr Christian Holliday and Cllr Mike Piper

Stoughton - Cllr David Quelch, Philip Hooper and Malachy Ujam

Christchurch - Cllr Matt Furniss and Cllr Nikki Nelson-Smith

Holy Trinity - Cllr Geoff David, Cllr Alex Chesterfield and Gerry Lytle

Merrow - Cllr Graham Ellwood, Cllr Jennifer Jordan and Cllr Philip Brooker

Onslow - Cllr Adrian Chandler, Helen Harris and Neil Ward

Pilgrims - Sallie Barker

Shalford - Cllr Mike Parsons and Bob Hughes

Worplesdon - Cllr David Elms, Cllr Dennis Paul, Cllr Keith Witham


June 2017 general election

Anne Milton - InTouch (PDF file)

Anne Milton - introductory election leaflet (PDF file)


May 2017 local elections

Guildford East (covering Merrow and Burpham) - Cllr Graham Ellwood

Guildford North (covering Stoke and Stoughton) - David Snipp

Guildford South East (covering Christchurch and Holy Trinity) - Cllr Mark Brett-Warburton

Guildford South West (covering Friary & St Nicolas ward and part of Onslow) - Bob Hughes

Guildford West (covering Westborough ward and part of Onslow) - Cllr Adrian Chandler

Shalford (covering Shalford, Pilgrims and Ash South & Tongham) - Cllr Matt Furniss


2016 and before

Stoke by-election special - April 2016 (PDF file requires Adobe Reader)

Summer 2015 - Thank You! Guildford Borough edition (PDF file)

Summer 2015 - Thank You! Waverley Borough edition (PDF file)

Anne Milton - election address 2015 general election (PDF file)

Anne Milton - the choice we face in May (PDF file)

2015 Borough elections

Burpham (PDF file)

Christ Church (PDF file)

Cranleigh (PDF file)

Ewhurst (PDF file)

Holy Trinity (PDF file)

Merrow (PDF file)

Onslow (PDF file)

Pilgrims (PDF file)

Shalford (PDF file)

Stoke, Stoughton and Westborough (PDF file)

Worplesdon (PDF file)

Winter 2014 / Spring 2015

Guildford News - Spring 2015 (PDF file - requires Adobe Reader)

Anne Milton Reporting Back - Autumn 2014 (PDF file)

Burpham Times - Spring 2015 (PDF file)

Holy Trinity Intouch - Spring 2015 (PDF file)

Onslow Times - Spring 2015 (PDF file)

Cranleigh InTouch - Winter 2014 (PDF file)

Merrow Times - Winter 2014 (PDF file)

Worplesdon Update - Winter 2014 (PDF file)

From the Archives

Holy Trinity In Touch - November 2013 (PDF file)

Merrow Times - September 2013 (PDF file)

Burpham Times - September 2013 (PDF file)

Anne Milton - Working hard for Guildford, Cranleigh and our Villages - April 2013 (PDF file)

Surrey County Council elections 2013 - key manifesto pledges (PDF file)

Cllr Mark Brett-Warburton - County Candidate for Guildford South East - May 2013 (PDF file)

Cllr Graham Ellwood - County Candidate for Guildford East - May 2013 (PDF file)

Sharon Stokes - County Candidate for Guildford North - May 2013 (PDF file)

Chris Varveris - County Candidate for Guildford West - May 2013 (PDF file)

Cllr Keith Witham - County Candidate for Worplesdon - May 2013 (PDF file)

Cllr Alan Young - County Candidate for Cranleigh & Ewhurst - May 2013 (PDF file)

Christchurch and Holy Trinity County Issues - Autumn 2012 (PDF file)

Julie Iles for Surrey Police & Crime Commissioner - Election Address - October 2012 (PDF file)

Onslow Issues - Autumn 2012 (PDF file)

Burpham Times - Autumn 2012 (PDF file)

Merrow Times - Autumn 2012 (PDF file)

Merrow Issues - Spring 2012 (PDF file)

Burpham Times - Spring 2012 (PDF file)

Christchurch Issues - Spring 2012 (PDF file)

Keith Witham - Worplesdon County Council by-election - April 2012 (PDF file)

Anne Milton - Working Hard for Guildford - January 2012 (PDF file)


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